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St Benedicts's Primary School

Consultation - Closure of Nursery

Proposal to make changes to St Benedict’s Primary School

22nd April 2021

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and other stakeholders,

I am writing to you further to my letter of 22nd February 2021 to update you on the proposals
regarding St Benedict’s Primary School;

The Local Authority will be commencing the statutory consultation to carry out the following;

• Alter the Age Range from 3 – 11 years to 4 – 11 years
• This change will result in the removal of the nursery provision
• With effect from 31st August 2021.
We will be publishing a public notice in the Birmingham Post on 22nd April 2021 and we will be
issuing a full proposal document with full details of the proposals and how to make your views
Both the public notice and the full proposal document will be available from 22nd April 2021 via
the following link

This formal consultation will run for four weeks from 22nd April 2021 to 20th May 2021.
Anyone wishing to make comments during this period may do so via the webpage above,by
writing to the Estates Management Team using the address at the foot of this letter or by
emailing please include St Benedicts in the title.
All comments received will be forwarded to the decision makers who will make a decsion on the
proposal by 20th July 2021.
The decision will be published on the above webpage, we will also write to the Chair of Governors
and the Head Teacher and ask them to notify all parents and staff of the outcome.

Yours sincerely,

Jaswinder Didially
Head of Service
Education Infrastructure

Please see related documents below.

0121 4646420