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St Benedicts's Primary School

Charging & Remissions Policy

School Aims

  • Successful Learners: who enjoy learning, making progress and achieve
  • Responsible Citizens: who are self-assured and socially aware – who have pride in their own history and heritage and respect for that of others
  • Confident Individuals: who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives


The Governing Body of St Benedict’s Infant School recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including trips, clubs and residential experiences can make towards pupils' education.

The Governing Body aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.


  • To make school activities accessible to pupils regardless of family income.
  • To provide a process which allows activities to take place at a minimum cost to parents, pupils and the school and;
  • Which acknowledges the cost of such activities to the school’s budget.



The governing body reserves the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school.

Activities Taking Place in School Hours
Letters are sent to all parents outlining a proposed visits in a timely fashion. A signed reply is requested from parents stating their intention to provide a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the visit. If sufficient contributions are not received and the visit becomes financially unviable, then the visit will be cancelled.

The costing of the visit must be as precise as possible, so that neither profit or loss is made. Details of the cost of transport and the venue need to be shown in the letter to parents when the contribution is requested. If a profit is made this should be deducted from further visits. Any child whose parents are unwilling or unable to contribute can be paid for from school fund. Children who are registered for Pupil Premium will have all costs provided through Pupil Premium funds to ensure equality of opportunity.

Refunds of Visits Money
These will be made if the following occurs:

  • The cancelled place can be filled by another child.
  • The venue charges only for those admitted on the day of the visit and not for those booked.
  • Transport costs cannot be refunded.

Residential Activities Taking Place Largely During School Hours

Any visit that requires an overnight stay or takes place out of school hours should be charged for accordingly. However those children whose parents are in receipt of the following support payments (in addition to having a free school meal) will be entitled to remission of board and lodging charges:

  • Income support
  • Support under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Child Tax Credits, provided that the parent is not entitled to Working Tax Credit and their Income does not exceed £14155.
  • Guaranteed State Pension Credit
  • Income Base Job Seekers Allowance

Activities outside School Hours

Activities provided outside school hours (clubs) are mostly run by school staff on a voluntary basis or sponsorship through Extended School and Sports Partnerships; therefore there are usually no costs to children participating. If an activity is run by an outside agency or if costs are incurred, for example to purchase cooking ingredients, a small charge may be necessary in order for that activity to take place.

Completion of Forms or Official Letters

Parents requesting Letters from School for other official bodies or asking that we complete forms to assist with applications will be asked for a contribution of £5.00 towards School Fund.

School Fund

Parents are asked to make a termly voluntary donation of £2 to school fund.

Freedom of Information Publications

A nominal charge of 10 pence per page will be charged for any information requested via an enquiry through the Freedom of Information Act.

Damage to Equipment or Replacement of Lost Items

A small charge is made to cover items that are lost or damaged, for example books that are lost in the home.


There will be no obligation for any parent to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of school activities and to the School Fund. Pupils will not be treated differently whether or not their parents have made a contribution.



The Governing Body may from time to time, amend the categories of activity for which a charge may be made. Nothing in this policy statement precludes the Governing Body from inviting parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of additional activities, which take place in school time. Parents may be advised that the continuance of an activity may depend upon voluntary contributions, but once it has been decided to run such an activity no qualifying child will be excluded on the grounds of voluntary contributions.

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