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St Benedicts's Primary School


Every child should have the right and the means to fulfil their dreams



What are we trying to achieve?




How do we organise this?




How do we know it is successful?




At St. Benedict’s Primary School our starting point is and always will be the children. We believe that literacy and language form the gateway for all future learning and is the basis from which all other subjects evolve. Knowledge and skills will be expanded and connected for all children across the curriculum. 

We aim for our children to be successful learners, responsible and rights respecting citizens and confident individuals.

Our curriculum uses the 2014 National Curriculum as our learning framework. The Cornerstones Curriculum breaks down the National Curriculum Programmes of Study into a progressive programme of learning through challenging Imaginative Learning Projects.

Texts used in English link to the Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects providing links in learning and opportunities to use new vocabulary across the curriculum.

The school provides opportunities for children to become life long readers and gain a love for books.

Maths No Problem is the school’s approach to the teaching of maths and places a high priority on language and breaking down problems in a number of different ways.

The EYFS follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum linking texts to a wider theme as well as part of continuous provision.

Our school curriculum is underpinned by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and we have gained the Gold Award.

Our curriculum is reviewed and evaluated by leaders at all levels who monitor and reflect on provision in order to move practice forward both operationally and strategically. Rigorous data analysis is carried out to identify gaps in learning and future CPD. Children have the opportunity to share, showcase and celebrate new learning and language with a range of audiences and are able to answer a “big question” about a project.





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