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St Benedicts's Primary School

Fundraising - School Angel 

Raise funds for St Benedict's through School Angel

We are pleased to announce that St Benedict's Infant School has teamed up with a new charity called, which help raise valuable extra money for schools. The school can then spend this money on helping your child get the most out of their school.

How does School Angel work?

• School Angel works with some of your favourite companies for booking Hotels, Holidays and shopping online. 

• These companies have agreed to donate a portion of their profit to School Angel every time you use this site.

• Simply click here or the ''schoolangel' icon above and we can track the donation from your shopping.

• It costs you nothing to use the site and you are guaranteed to get exactly the same deal on your purchases using School Angel as you would if you visited the retailers' website direct.

• Unlike other school fund-raising websites which are run as businesses, School Angel is a charity, so all the profits go to help schools, and you never need to login, remember passwords or give us your email address. Just click in and out of School Angel in a second and we will make sure your donation gets right back to school.  

By using School Angel you really do make a real difference to our school without it costing you a single penny.  

School Angel is really simple to use and our school has its own charity page already set up which you can visit here.  Once on the page all you need to do is click on the logo for whatever shop you would like to visit.

There are a number of advantages in using School Angel:

• School Angel offers a  large percentage of donations for shopping online

• School Angel does not need you to create an account or login, there are no passwords to remember and they will never trouble you with any junk mail.

• School Angel is a charity rather than a profit making business which means that it works solely for the benefit of the children.

We are really excited that School Angel can help our school raise lots of money for school funds. So please remember to use the School Angel site every time you shop online and ask your friends and relatives to support us too! 

Many thanks for your ongoing support. Every purchase you make will really make a difference. 

Please click here to access our 'School Angel' fundraising page.


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