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St Benedicts's Primary School

Inclement Weather Arrangements

The decision to close individual schools during inclement weather continues to lie with headteachers in consultation with their chairs of governors. This arrangement enables decisions to be taken quickly and in the light of local circumstances.

In the rare event of EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS (eg. heavy snowfall) across the whole of the City, the local authority may take a central decision to close all schools.

Birmingham City Council has the same arrangements for all schools in the Birmingham area in the event of extreme bad weather. If a decision is made to close schools, the information is broadcast on local radio stations. Please listen to the following radio stations from 7.00 a.m. and listen for  St Benedict's Primary School.


Free Radio- 96.4 FM 

Heart - 100.7 FM


Radio WM - 95.6 FM

When possible the school will use the SchoolPing system to send a message to parents to notify about any school closure due to bad weather. Please inform the office if you have recently changed your mobile telephone number.

We are aware that bad weather by its nature is disruptive and can cause anxiety. Therefore any action due to poor weather will also be posted immediately on our website.

0121 4646420