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St Benedicts's Primary School

Parent Partnership Policy

Aims of the Policy

  1. To support pupils to achieve the highest standards through closer partnerships between home and school.
  2. To inform, clarify and communicate the breadth of work between families and the school.


At St. Benedict’s Infant School, we firmly believe in the importance of the school working
in close partnership with parents. We value parents as the first educators of their
children. Together we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for all the children
attending our school. We endeavour to provide wonderful opportunities to enable children
to become successful and happy members of the community and help parents to help their
children in their journey to achievement. This is at the very heart of our school’s vision.

Effective partnership between home and school is key to these aspirations. Parents and
carers are the most important influence in a child's life and the school needs to listen to
and communicate with parents effectively to build the trust and understanding needed for
pupils to achieve their best. The school needs to be a resource for the community it

This policy seeks to inform and broaden the further development of home/school links at
St. Benedict’s Infant School.

How are we helping parents at St. Benedict’s Infant School?

Being a welcoming and friendly school for parents/carers

  • We have made sure our office team is able to respond to the needs of all visitors to our school.
  • Our school is a safe and vibrant environment celebrating children’s talents.
  • We have clear signs around the school to help parents/carers/visitors.

Providing an enrichment programme for all pupils and parents

  • Family learning is a well-established part of the school’s curriculum, providing a programme of events based on school initiatives, parental request, government directives and school priorities, helping parents to keep up with their children’s learning, work with their children in school and give them opportunities to improve their own skills.
  • Parents can participate in a range of opportunities to facilitate their own learning. Eg ESOL lessons, Positive Parenting Classes, Cook and Taste, First Aid and drop in sessions with the school nurse. Opportunities for reflection and feedback are built into all parent sessions.

Providing good induction for all groups of new parents

  • Provide opportunities for all prospective parents to find out about the school
  • Provide opportunities for parents to participate in transition activities
  • To ensure information is produced and distributed appropriately, taking account of parental needs and views.

Providing high quality information to parents/carers

  • Providing a regular and up-to-date information service through the newsletter and school web site
  • Providing parents with advance notice of all school events and dates, with up-dates as appropriate
  • Actively involving parents/carers in the celebration of pupil success

Ensuring that all relevant school policies are effective and easy to read by parents

  • Making relevant school policies available to parents and ensuring appropriate procedures are clear
  • Regularly reviewing the Home-School Agreement to take account of parental views, and communicating it regularly and clearly
  • Having up-to-date and accessible policies on the school website and providing paper copies or translation on request

Evaluation and feedback

  • Issuing an annual questionnaire for parents to evaluate how well we are providing forall of our children and familiting content
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