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St Benedicts's Primary School


At the heart of everything we do to make our school such a success is the community and the people who work to make this: children, staff, parents and governors.

We have a wonderful team of staff, who are committed to the vision, success and progress of the school and have different specialisms to ensure the best possible service for our children, parents and local community.  We are very fortunate to have a highly qualified, experienced and talented staff able to deliver all aspects of the primary curriculum.

Management Team

Head teacher Armine Williams
Deputy Head
(Early Years & Family Learning)
Sheila Parmar
Assistant Head
(English Leader)
Corinne Whetton
Assistant Head
(Pupil Support / Inclusion)
Trish Clayton

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Phase Leader Amanda Hipkiss
N1A Simone Hanley / Claire Holtham
N1P Simone Hanley / Claire Holtham
N2A Julie Loague
N2P Julie Loague


Reception Phase Leader Amanda Hipkiss
RM Hujayma Miah
RP Debbi Perry
Teaching Assistant(s) Catherine Wall
  Sharon Brown
  Sukhdeep Kaur

KS1 Year 1

Year 1 Phase Leader Amanda Hipkiss
1A Nusheen Akhtar
1M Parmjeet Matharu
1W Claire Wilson
Teaching Assistant(s) Soraya Younus
  Mahfooz Saraj

KS1 Year 2

Year 2 Phase Leader  Aidan Annetts
2B Amina Begum
2G Pholita Gami
2M Le-etta Miles
2N Tara Noor
Teaching Assistant(s) Noreen Siddiq
  Rachel Collins
  Karen Fletcher

KS2 Year 3

Year 3 Phase Leader  Aidan Annetts
3AA Aidan Annetts
3IA Ismah Ahmed
3MS Maxine Sheppard
3RJ Razia Juned
Teaching Assistant(s) Farida Haider
  Christina Casey
Phase Leader Support EVC Parmjeet Matharu
Cognition & Learning Group Samantha Thompson

PPA Cover Team

  Pooja Madhvi
  Bev Dean
  Lesley Gay
  Simone Hanley
  Claire Holtham

KS1 Pupil Support

  June Wright (Year 2)
  Elaine O'Sullivan  (Year 1)

Inclusion Support Team

  Jill Pritchard (KS1/EYFS)
  Jason Smith (KS1)
  Salma Hussain (EYFS)
  Shazia Jabeen (EYFS)
  Lalita Kapoor (KS1)
  Dulara Shohid (EYFS)
  Mahfooz Saraj (KS1)
  Rebekah Salmon-Craig (EYFS)
  Saihela Siddiq 
  Jodi Winter (KS1)


Family Learning

Family Learning Syra Butler

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies / SEN Support Jodi Winter


ICT Operations Manager Mohammed Nadeem

Site Management

Site Manager Gerry Lennon
Groundsman Adrian Weston

Administration Staff

Senior Office Manager Rebecca Wright
Business Manager Sarah Arscott
Administrative Assistant Saleha Khatun
Pastoral Assistant Nola Mardenborough
General Assistant Silpi Begum
0121 4646420