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St Benedicts's Primary School

Suitable Person Policy

School Aims

We aim for our children to be:

  • Successful Learners: who enjoy learning, making progress and achieve.
  • Responsible Citizens: who are self assured and socially aware – who have pride in their own history and heritage and respect for that of others.
  • Confident Individuals: who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Statement of Inclusion / Equality

At St. Benedict’s Infant School we realise the value and importance of all children and families being able to play, learn, achieve and develop along side each other. We want parents to have confidence that we meet the needs of all their children effectively. As a setting we strive to provide an environment in which all children and families feel safe, are as healthy as possible and can enjoy experiences that will help them to understand and contribute to the
world around them.

Data Protection / Confidentiality

At St. Benedict’s Infant School we understand the importance of the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act, and any subsequent relevant legislation. We ensure personal data is treated in a manner that is lawful. The school has specific data protection and freedom of information
policies available.

Suitable Person Statement of Intent

At St. Benedict’s Infant School, our primary concern is the safety and welfare of the children. We are constantly working to make sure every member of staff is suitable for his or her role and responsibilities and there is an ongoing programme of training to ensure that an appropriate standard of care is maintained. This allows us to support the children and their families in a safe
and caring environment.

Legal Requirements

As a setting, we have a duty to make sure that adults looking after children, or having unsupervised access to them, are suitable to do so; that adults looking after children have appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge, and that arrangements must be organised to ensure safety and to meet the needs of all children.

All adults having access to children will be required to have a valid CRB clearance, or will be supervised at all times and subject to a risk assessment whilst awaiting a CRB clearance.


Other documentation, legislation, polices and procedures supporting this document:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Independent Safeguarding Authority
  • Every Child Matters
  • CRB’s Code of Practice
  • Children’s Workforce Development Council
  • Recruitment and checking procedures


Operational Procedures

  • Safe recruitment
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