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St Benedicts's Primary School

Year 1

Home Learning Packs
  Letter to Parents / Carers
  Guidance and Answers
  Year 1 Home Learning Pack
  Year 1 Practical Ideas
  Cambridge University Press Worksheets
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  Topmarks Maths
  ICT Games Maths
  Whiterose Maths
  Topmarks - Number Bonds Game
  Number bonds to 10
  Number bonds to 10 - Challenge Cards
  Practical Ideas to Learn Number Bonds
  Mrs Miah / Mrs Anih's Maths Group
  Week 1
  Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20
  All about number to 10 booklet
  Week 2
  All About the Number 11
  All About the Number 12
  All About the Number 13
  All About the Number 14
  All About the Number 15
  IXL - Year 1 Math's Practice
  Week 3
  Spring Maths Activity Booklet
  Spring Maths Activity Booklet Answers
  Most and Least Home Learning Task
  Week 4
  Superheroes Addition up to 10
  Number Shape Addition to 10
  Counting on up to 20
  Week 5
  Greedy Monster - Taking Away
  Minibeast Themed Subtraction
  Subtracting - Challenges
  Subtraction-Word Problem Challenge Cards
  Superheroes-Subtraction up to 10
  Miss Akhtar's Maths Group
  Week 1
  Snakes and Ladders-Addition to 20
  One More and One Less Maths Mastery
  Whiterose Maths
  Week 1 Challenges
  Week 2
  Lesson 1-Find a half
  Lesson 1-Find a half - Answer booklet
  Lesson-2-Find a Quarter 1
  Lesson-2-Find a Quarter 1 - Answer booklet
  Lesson-3-Find a Quarter 2
  Lesson-3-Find a Quarter 2 - Answer booklet
  Week 3
  Watch a Lesson Everyday
  Lesson 1-Find and make number bonds
  Lesson 2-Related Facts
  Lesson 3-Find a Part
  Lesson 4-Add by counting on
  All Aboard the Ark
  Numbers Numbers Everywhere
  Week 4
  Counting in 2s
  Counting in 2s Maze
  Counting in 5s
  Counting in 10s
  Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  Missing Numbers Counting in 2's
  Week 5
  Helping Farmer James
  Helping Farmer James-Activity Sheet 
  Talk4Writing - Sayeeda the Pirate Princess
  Talk4Writing - Pippety Skycap
  Talk4Writing - Sidney Spider
  IXL - English Practice
  Common Exception Words
  Creative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames
  Simple Writing Activity with Prompts
  ICT games English
  BBC Bitesize English
  Oxford Owl Resources
  Collins Big Cat EBooks
  Common Exception Words
  Year 1 Book Review
  Conjunctions Activity Sheet
  Describe The Monster Writing Activity Sheet
  Fix The Sentence Activity
  CVC Word Activity Booklet
  The Zoo Vet-Reading Comprehension
  Reading Mat Guidance
  Fiction Reading Revision Mat
  Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat 
  Poetry Reading Revision Mat 
  Lesson 1 long ladder family
  Lesson 2 one armed robot family
  Lesson 3 curly caterpillar family
  Lesson 4 zig zag monster family
  Lesson 5 i
  Lesson 6 u
  Lesson 7 a
  Lesson 8 o
  Lesson 9 e
  Lesson 10 capital letters
  Lesson 11 diagonal join ascender at all
  Lesson 12 diagonal join ascender th
  Lesson 13 diagonal join ascender ch
  Lesson 14 diagonal join ascender cl
  Lesson 15 diagonal join ascender in im
  Cambridge University - Handwriting Exercises
Videos for handwriting warm-ups and letter formation following our PenPals handwriting scheme
  Week 1
  Paws Claws and Whiskers-Glossary
  What Do I Eat- Picture Sorting Cards
  BBC Bitesize - What type of food do animals eat? 
  YouTube-Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores
  YouTube- Herbivores! Learning Herbivore animals
  DK Find Out- What is a Carnivore?
  Carnivore Powerpoint
  Sorting Activity
  Week 2
  Animal Pattern Activity
  Nature’s Best Camouflages
  Camouflaged Animals in the Jungle
  Week 3
  Animals Activity Booklet
  Wild Tiger Cub
  Tiger – Amazing Animals
  10 Tiger Facts! 
  Week 4
  How Big is a Raindrop
  BBC Bitesize Science
  Ocean Animals 1-Plan
  Ocean Animals 1-Slide
  Ocean Animals 1-Work
  Ocean Animals 2-Plan
  Ocean Animals 2-Slide
  Ocean Animals 2-Work
  Ocean Animals 3-Plan
  Ocean Animals 3-Slide
  Ocean Animals 3-Work
  Letter to Parents & Carers-
Online Phonics Lessons
  Phonics Play (Open with Internet Explorer)
  Phonics Bloom
  Teach your Monster to Read
  Phase 2 Phonics
  Phase 3 Phonics
  Phase 4 Phonics
  Phonics Booklet Phase 2
  Phonics Booklet Phase 3
  Paws, Claws and Whiskers Week 1
  Paws, Claws and Whiskers Week 2
  Paws, Claws and Whiskers Week 3
  Year 1 Home Learning Task
Practical Activities
  Weekly Challenges-Creativity
  Weekly Challenges-Humankind
  Weekly Challenges-Investigation
  Weekly Challenges-Materials
  Weekly Challenges-Nature
  Weekly Challenges-Place
  Weekly Challenges-Processes
  Lion Mask
  Bird Feeder
  Caterpillar Salad Recipe
  Fun Pizza Faces Recipe
  Playdough Recipe
  STEM - Primary Resources for Home Learning
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