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St Benedicts's Primary School

Year 2

Home Learning Pack
  Letter to Parents / Carers
  Guidance and Answers
  Year 2 Home Learning Pack
  Year 2 Practical Ideas
  Cambridge University Press Worksheets
SATS 2020
  SATS Information for Parents
  BBC Bitesize Maths
  Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica
  SATS Past Papers
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  Third Space Maths Hub
  Colour By Number Subtraction
  Colour By Numbers Addition
  Number Crosswords
  Multiple Mazes x2
  Multiple Mazes x3
  Multiple Mazes x5
  Multiple Mazes x10
  Numbers Wordsearch
  Position Puzzles
  What Time is it, Mr Wolf_ Board Game
  MathSphere Maths Worksheets
  Days, Weeks, Months
  Number Words
  Real Life Problems
  White Rose Home Learning
  Talk4Writing - Rainbows, Rainbows everywhere
  Talk4Writing - The Magical Teaching Box
  Talk4Writing - Elves and the Shoemaker
  BBC Bitesize English
  Alphabetical Order Puzzle
  Book Review
  Describe the Scene Worksheets
  Retell a Fairy Tale
  Story Cards
  Year 2 Word List
  Word Phonics
  Phonics Play (Open with Internet Explorer)
  Creativity- Challenge Cards
  Humankind - Challenge cards
  Investigation - Challenge Cards
  Materials - Challenge Cards
  Nature - Challenge Cards
  Processes - Challenge cards
  TTS - Independant Learning Resource
  STEM - Primary Resources for Home Learning
  Castles Brain Teasers
  Magic Brain Teasers
  Pirates Brain Teasers
  Superheroes Brain Teasers
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