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St Benedicts's Primary School

Year 3

Home Learning Pack
  Letter to Parents / Carers
  Guidance and Answers
  Year 3 Home Learning Pack
  Year 3 Practical Ideas
  Cambridge University Press Worksheets
  Talk4Writing - Journey to the Jungle
  Talk4Writing - The Truth About Trolls
  Talk4Writing - Stone Trolls
  Changing Tense Activity Sheets
  Contractions Activity Sheet
  Dictionary Skills Activity Sheets
  Ed or Ing Ending Activity Sheet
  Er or Est Activity Sheet
  Homophone Activity Sheets
  Punctuation Activity Sheets
  Spelling Activity Sheets-Years 3-4
  Spelling Activity Sheets-Years 5-6
  Making Our Writing More Interesting
  Spot The Mistake (Writing)
  Children's Storybooks Online
  Short Kid Stories
  Stories For Kids
  Short Stories
  Kids World Short Stories
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Don't forget to login in to TTRockStars and practice your times tables.
  Website for times tables
  Spot the Mistake (Column Method)
  White Rose Home Learning
  Miss Ahmed's Maths Group
  Subtraction Column Method Help
  Column Method Addition Questions
  Column Method Subtraction Questions
  Number Bonds To 20
  Number Bonds to 20 Fact Families
  Number Bonds To 20 Missing Numbers
  Numeracy Chart, Strategies and Questions
  Place Value
  Topmarks-Mental Maths Challenge
  ICTGames-Place Value Games
  Mrs Begum's Maths Class
  Addition & Subtraction
  Column Addition
  Column Addition Worksheets
  Add Two 3-Digit Numbers
(Not Crossing)
  Vertical Format - Add Two 3-Digit Numbers
(Not Crossing)
  Addition and Subtraction Activity
  Times Tables
  2 Times Table Activity
  3 Times Table Activity
  4 Times Table Activity
  5 Times Table Activity
  8 Times Table Activity
  Multiplication  & Division
  3 x table search (2)
  4 x table search (3)
  commutative_multiplication (6)
  division with remainders (9)
  Inverse_and_division (7)
  Multiplication-and-Division workbook (1)
  Multiplication-and-Division workbook (1)[1]
  simple division (8)
  word-problems-x3-x4-x8 (5)
  Mental Math Train
  Hit the Button
  Coconut Multiples
  Spelling and Grammar Games
  Punctuation Games
  Homophones Games
  Contractions Games
  Prefix and suffix board game style activities
  Year 3 Activities
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