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St Benedicts's Primary School



What are we trying to achieve?

The starting point of our maths curriculum at St. Benedict’s Primary school is the children. It is our intention that all children are:

  • Ambitious – they have an understanding and a love of maths through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts.
  • Resilient – they are able to problem solve using a range of strategies.
  • Respectful – they are enthusiastic and will confidently talk about maths.


How do we organise this?

Maths No Problem is the approach that is used across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We place emphasis on teaching maths using a maths mastery approach, with children developing their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.

Topics are studied in more depth and do not move on to the next stage until all children demonstrate a secure understanding of the maths concept. The focus is on depth rather than acceleration. They are provided with challenges that are rich and sophisticated that consolidate understanding.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage children follow the EYFS Curriculum for Number and Shape, Space and Measure and this is supported by the White Rose Hub planning.

All pupils access maths through an inclusive approach. The emphasis is on promoting multiple methods of solving a problem this in turn builds self-confidence and resilience in our children.

This is supported by the use of:

  • Staff developing children’s language / knowledge / skills.
  • Children gaining a deeper and sustainable understanding of concepts.
  • Staff being more aware of what children have learnt rather than what has been taught.
  •  Using stem sentences to support children’s understanding
  • Modelling full sentences for children.

Intervention – Mastering Number

At St. Benedict’s we aim to secure firm foundations in developing good number sense for all children from Reception through Year 1 and Year 2. Over time, children will leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number.


How do we know it is successful?

Maths is reviewed and evaluated by teachers at all levels who monitor and reflect on provision in order to move practice forward both operationally and strategically. Monitoring and reviews of learning will include pupil voice and understanding the learning journey of a child.

Rigorous data analysis is carried out to identify gaps in learning, inform future CPD and make comparisons with national and local data information.

Maths Curriculum Overviews
Year 1 Long Term Overview
Year 2 Long Term Overview
Year 3 Long Term Overview
Year 4 Long Term Overview
Year 5 Long Term Overview
Year 6 Long Term Overview

Maths Progression
Year 1 Maths Progression
Year 2 Maths Progression
Year 3 Maths Progression
Year 4 Maths Progression
Year 5 Maths Progression
Year 6 Maths Progression

Home Learning
Multiplication Tables Check
TT Rock Stars

Calculation Policies
Calculation Policy-Addition
Calculation Policy-Subtraction
Calculation Policy-Multiplication
Calculation Policy-Division




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